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Linchpin grew from a desire to have access to people services in a different way than we had encountered previously. When outsourcing hiring, training and consulting services it can feel like a cookie cutter experience that lacks personal connection and a real understanding of your needs. We are here to create truly collaborative and customized services backed by years of experience across a variety of industries. We want to work with purpose-led companies to help them achieve their goals by leveraging their most important resource, their people.

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A linchpin is a person or thing that is vital to an organization and is also the fastener that keeps a wheel on its axle. It's the tool that holds the various elements of a complicated structure together.

We can bring these crucial people to your company, and train and develop those already working for you. With the right people in place and the right tools available to develop them, you will be equipped to succeed.

The Linchpin Co. is here to keep the wheels from flying off.

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Colleen Pelly

Colleen is an instinctively positive person who has always been drawn to the people side of business.  A passion that started with helping others find their dream job has grown into a desire to create an incredible experience for clients, teammates, and business partners alike. 

She has over a decade of experience spanning retail, tech, automotive and most recently the cannabis sector. Working for brands like Tesla and lululemon she has gained experience in full cycle recruitment from entry level through executive level roles, developing and executing training programs, and fostering a leadership style that is inclusive and grounded in helping others live their best life. In addition to her time with established brands, she also has experience in startup life including an overhaul of all things people and processes and creating these pillars from the ground up. 

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